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Welcome to our Coven.

We are a Coven based in The Netherlands, and strive to make the craft more accepting to all kinds of people. Many Covens nowadays have a certain regime, but we crush that and allow our Students to find their own path, whatever that may be.


I am the High Priest and Founder of this Coven, and my name is A.L, for you it’s Andreas.

I have been and worked my way up in a Coven before, after disbandment i thought of my stressful time in there where i felt alone, and that no higher person in the Coven was available to talk to.

I feel like a babywitch and a High Priest are still equal to one another, both can learn from each other and there should be no seperation of communication, especially when a High Priest is a teacher.

I am a male witch, i identify as a witch still because i also belief that witch is a gender neutral term used centuries before the devide between witch and sorcerer.

Anyways, Enough about me.

Feel free to roam the site, hopefully you have learned a thing or two.

Yours sincerely,

A. L.

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